Trial centre

proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research, Hamburg, Germany.


To assess the rate of absorption of Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) after
standardised application and rubbing in.


Subjects: 100 participants (74 female and 26 male). Test site: test products
applied to the inner volar forearm of all participants.


Double-blind, randomised and controlled study. Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) and
a reference oil were applied to assigned test areas on the inner volar forearms
of participants. Participants rubbed in the test product for 1 minute each.
Participants then rated the absorption of the products on a 5-point scale from
‘very slow absorbing’ to ‘very fast absorbing’.


The absorbency of Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) into the skin was assessed as
‘very fast’ or ‘fast’ by the majority (64%) of participants.