Trial centre

Complife Italia S.r.l, Italy.


To test whether Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) is likely to cause acne and
comedones (pimples).


20 participants, 14 female and 6 male, of varying ethnicities with acne prone
skin. Age of participants: 18—65.


Controlled study. The product was applied on a disk of filter paper to the upper
back region of participants. Patches were left in place for 48 to 72 hours,
removed and applied again. A total of 12 patches were applied for 4 consecutive

Three areas were evaluated by comparing a negative control (demineralised
water), the test product (Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural)) and a positive control
(lanolin alcohol, a known comedogenic product).
Skin reactions were clinically evaluated under the supervision of a dermatologist
15 minutes after the removal of each patch to compare the presence of
comedones before and after each product application.


Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) was found to be non-comedogenic. The area to
which Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) was applied showed no significant difference
to the negative control area. The positive control induced acne.