Trial centre

Rigano Laboratories, Milan, Italy.


To evaluate whether Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) demonstrates a similar
occlusivity level to vernix caseosa.


Known quantities of water were placed in beakers covered with a semipermeable
membrane called Vitro-Skin™, which mimics the surface properties of
human skin. Equal quantities of vernix caseosa and Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural)
were applied to the membrane and the rate of water loss from the beaker was
measured over time. This was compared with the rate of water loss without any
product on the membrane. The water vapour transfer rate for each product was
calculated and expressed in g/m2/h.

Bio‑Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) demonstrated a very similar occlusivity level to
vernix caseosa, registering 24.9 compared to vernix caseosa’s 27.1.