Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

Your ally during pregnancy

Pregnancy is possibly the most important and sensitive period in a woman’s life. It is during this time that her body is changing, and she needs to feel more beautiful than ever before. In a specific study, 60% of new moms stated that their biggest worry during pregnancy was the formation of stretch marks (or striae – as they are scientifically called).

Can we prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

The formation of stretch marks during pregnancy depends on numerous factors, such as skin type, age, hereditary factors and previous labors. Researches have shown that 50-90% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks, most commonly during the second half of their pregnancy.

However, it becomes possible to minimize their chances of developing through stimulating skin elasticity with proper hydration. Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil, which has passed all required safety checks, is 100% safe to use and it constitutes an important ally in this effort: Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil is an effective solution for the prevention, and also the improvement of stretch marks’ appearance during pregnancy.

It is no coincidence that it holds more than 400 awards in the skincare category and it is the most trusted product among pregnant women in 24 countries, as regards the prevention of and treatment of stretch marks.

Helpful Tips:

  • Itching is oftentimes the first warning sign for the appearance of stretch marks. Note that there may be no signs at all.

  • For the prevention of pregnancy stretch marks, massage your skin with Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil twice a day from the beginning of the pregnancy, in order to improve your skin’s elasticity.

  • Use Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil in all parts that may be affected, such as the stomach, chest, hips, waist, lower back, and inner thighs.

  • Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil can assist in the treatment of stretch marks in case they have already developed. The newly-developed stretch marks, which are usually red/brown/pink in color, will fade out and become hardly-distinguished fine, white lines. Stretch marks that are more reddish in color are more easily smoothen out.

  • Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil is 100% safe for mothers to use during breastfeeding, as long as the oil is not applied on the nipples.

  • Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil can be safely used on children over the age of 3.